Attention! VISA / MC card transactions are made only within Belarus. Bank payments to other countries are sent via SEPA / SWIFT transfers. The process takes 1-2 days. Be sure to choose the right direction and agree to the terms of service.

How to buy bitcoin with a payment via Visa/Mastercard

How to buy bitcoin with a payment via Visa/Mastercard

Payment service cryptocurrency exchanger when buying bitcoin enables payment for coins from foreign Bank accounts through the channels SEPA and SWIFT, with current accounts in Belarusian banks through the service, ERIP and with payment cards VISA and Mastercard.

How to buy bitcoin in Belarus with the payment through the international payment systems VISA and Mastercard, we will cover in this review.

There are three main ways of making payments in cash with card to card:

  1. payment via ERIP;
  2. by online Bank;
  3. through specialized payment services.

Each of these methods, as it has a multi-layered security transaction, the different payment methods, only algorithms, create applications, limits on fees and value fees for each transaction.

How to buy bitcoins with VISA/Mastercard via ERIP

The cryptocurrency payment through ERIP has a number of advantages than favorably with other methods of payment:

  1. for payment details in ERIP will not be charged the fee;
  2. the payments in system are carried out instantly;
  3. to buy Bitcoin through ERIP you can VISA and Mastercard cards of any Belarusian Bank.

Buying bitcoins in time it takes not more than 10-15 minutes. To do this, just follow these four easy steps:

  1. On the main page of exchanger to create the demand for this cryptocurrency and receive the details for payment.
  2. Log in to your personal account in any Belarusian Bank and in the "Payments" enter data service from the received payment requests.
  3. Confirm the request to purchase crypto-currencies, then the money will be debited from the card account, and save online receipt.
  4. Back to the exchanger and click "I paid". Cryptocurrency will be sent to the crypto specified in the client application address.

Buy bitcoins with online Bank

Way to buy cryptocurrency with VISA or Mastercard through online banking are less reliable, but it has two major drawbacks:

  1. banks issuing credit or debit cards charge a fee for making payments from 1% or more if the payment is made on cards issued by other banks;
  2. transaction fees when buying bitcoins through online banking may take from 15 minutes to several days (usually few hours).

Algorithm of payment with cryptocurrency via the Internet Bank is no different from the algorithms in the payment system ERIP:

  1. After you create the application on the website of exchanger it is necessary according to the obtained details to generate the transfer.
  2. After completing the payment, and save online receipt confirming the transfer of funds to the card account of the exchanger.
  3. On the website crypto-service confirm the payment by pressing the "I paid". Once the funds are available for the cryptocurrency on account of the exchanger, the coins will be sent to the crypto of the buyer.

Payment for Bitcoin from card to card through specialized services

In that case, if you have no connection to the Internet Bank, payment cards for the cryptocurrency can be performed through third-party payment services. In Belarus the most popular, and

The advantage of this payment method is that even if the first payment does not require registration of client account and therefore does not need to bind the card to the account in the payment system. Also, the services accept VISA and Mastercard cards of any Belarusian Bank.

The disadvantages of the method of payment for Bitcoin via specialised services:

  1. high Commission for the holding of payments;
  2. processing of payment may take several days;
  3. there are limits on the maximum amount of payments. In some cases, payments may not exceed 1500,00 Belarusian rubles in one day. The limits depend on Your Bank

In order to pay for the purchase cryptocurrencies from the card purchaser to the card account should:

  1. To create a purchase requisition on the website of an online exchanger.
  2. Go to the website of the selected payment service and in the appropriate fields to enter the data of your card and data card from the obtained details kriptoservis.
  3. Confirm payment and save online receipt.
  4. To return to the site of the exchanger and press the "I paid».

To monitor the process of enrollment of bitcoins is possible through the built-in crypto Explorer.

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