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How to make verification on

For verification on You'll need to follow a few simple steps.

Let's start.


Step 1.

Log in to Your account (account)  on the website to do this, use Your login and password.

Forgot password??


Step 2.

You are logged in to Your account. Before You menu.

In the right side You will find three fields to download the need for verification of photos.


The first field

Here you need to upload a photo of Your passport or ID card

Photo requirements


Sample sample can be viewed below


The second field

You need to upload any document confirming the address of Your registration.

It can be

  1. Passport (the page with registration) 
  2. ID card (back Sorona)
  3. Any other document confirming the address

Photo requirements


Sample sample can be viewed below



The third field

Here You need to attach a selfie with Your passport or ID and a signature on the sheet with the text “”.

Photo requirements


Sample sample can be viewed below


Step 3.

Once You have uploaded all the documents and we will look into them, You will have the status “processed” in each field.

If one or more documents have not been checked, then the status will be “Rejected”.

At the end of verification You will receive an email notification in the mail.


Why the need for account verification ? 


Confirmation of the identity of the user ( Verification) first requires the exchange of large sums

through electronic payment systems, banks and plastic cards. We also check

exchange operations in areas SEPA and SWIFT cryptocurrency - cryptocurrency. This need is caused by

large amount of fraud in the banking sector.


Where You pass the data ?


We do not share Your information with third parties. Data is only required for the internal verification of Your account.

Data can only be transferred to law enforcement authorities in the criminal case. There are no other options

data transmission to third parties is not.


If you have any questions You can contact us.

See “Contacts”.

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